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Isolation clothing level 2

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1. Backside isolation clothes, PP non-woven +PE film fabric, light, breathable, waterproof performance is good.
2. The inner seam pressure tape is made to seal the key parts firmly. Velcro is adopted for the overlapping of the back collar, which is convenient to adjust the collar circumference.
3. The cuff is flexible, not overstaffed and easy to work; The back is fully open and the waist is fastened by a cloth band, which can be fastened according to different figures. Simple style, easy to wear and take off.
4. The isolation clothes are dry, clean, mildew free, with uniform line marks and reasonable structure.
5. Separate clothes shall be packed independently and sealed in analytical bags. Certificate and instruction manual shall be provided for each package.
6. Support customized styles and fabrics.
7. The product is divided into XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL, with a moQ of 1000 pieces, 100 pieces/box and a gross weight of 0.15g per piece. Support customization, 2 samples can be provided; The production capacity reaches 50000 PCS/day, the delivery cycle is short.
8. This product has obtained CE and FDA certification and passed SGS test to meet the waterproof level I.
9. If the package is damaged or the contents are contaminated, it is strictly prohibited.
10. This product is disposable and can be used after use.
11. Please confirm your use environment before use. Our company will not be liable for any damage caused by exceeding the use or use limits of this product.
12. This product is inflammable. Please keep away from heat source and open fire when using or storing.

This product is used for general isolation of doors, wards and inspection rooms of medical institutions.

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