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1. The waterproof fabric is combined with the down liner, and the pockets on both sides are enlarged to cooperate with the random design of the fixtures, so that you can breathe completely.
2, the shell USES technology fabric, easy to challenge the storm scour, the surface form a water-repellent layer, produce lotus leaf water-repellent effect, gather water into beads, roll from the surface of the fabric, keep the inside dry and comfortable. Wind - proof, water - proof, anti - pollution, moisture - permeable, cold - proof, better to cope with the climate/scene change.
3. There is a hidden pocket inside the coat, the front zipper is combined with the coupler, and the collar zipper has a friction protective tape to protect the chin; Windproof Velcro design, easy to wear.
4, three-dimensional circulation temperature lock down tank, windproof wristband, rapid accumulation of heat, lasting temperature lock. Feather liner stand collar windproof design, side zipper pocket, convenient storage, indoor single wear, light and comfortable, convenient movement.
5, sanhe pair of reunion heat, detachable two-piece set of three wearing methods: single wear the shell to resist wind and rain, single wear the inner liner to keep warm, two in one to resist the cold.
6. Women's waist design, slim, bright color and charm.
7. The minimum order quantity of this product is 500 pieces, and customized styles, colors and printing are supported. Each piece is packed in transparent plastic bags.

Mountaineering and cross-country, sports and skiing, leisure travel, both outdoor sports and recreational wear.

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