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Medical protective clothing

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1. Integrated protective clothing, PP non-woven +PE breathable film fabric, light, breathable, waterproof, white fabric, gram weight 63g/㎡, surface moisture resistance level 4, water resistance > 10Kpa, surface moisture resistance level 4.
2. The whole garment is made of seamless rubber, with good sealing performance and effective isolation of germs. The cuff, foot and cap are elastic and telescopic, and the waist is elastic and ox-tendon, suitable for different figures.
3. The hooded design has a good sealing effect, and all the lines are sealed firmly with rubber strip.
3. The product adopts independent packaging of analytic bag, which is degradable and environmentally friendly. Each product is equipped with a certificate and specification, including product specifications, production date, production batch number, use scenario and other contents.
4. This product has obtained CE and FDA certification and conforms to EN14126 standard.
5. If the package is damaged or the contents are contaminated, it is strictly prohibited to use.
6. This product is for one-time use and will be destroyed after use.
7. Please confirm your use environment before use. Our company will not be liable for any damage caused by exceeding the use or use limits of this product.
8. This product is inflammable. Please keep away from heat source and open fire when using or storing.
10. This product has been sold to USA, Spain, Pakistan, Philippines and other countries.
11. The minimum order quantity of this product is 1000 pieces, 50 pieces/box, the gross weight of each piece is 0.25kg. Support customization, can provide 2 samples, short delivery cycle.

This product is suitable for clinical medical staff to use in the working environment (i.e. hospital, isolation area, etc.) when they come into contact with the blood, body fluids and secretions of patients with potential infection.

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