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Sun Proof Clothes

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1. Sunblock hood is designed to shield you from the sun and rain in bad weather. Thin and breathable fabric, skin friendly soft, wrinkle free; The surface fabric is meticulous and compact, which endows the skin garment with anti-splashing property and protects the inner garment from splashing wet. Breathable weave structure enables sweat to be rapidly diffused to a wider range. Combined with light and light elements, it increases the evaporation rate for a quick, dry and comfortable sweat. Contact instant cool, fresh cold feeling, hot days to keep the clothes in a natural state, cool and refreshing.
2. Customized waterproof zipper, which can withstand 100000 times of repeated pulling and closing, is tight and smooth, and equipped with anti-slip mat crystal to turn off, beautiful and generous.
3. There are zipper pockets on both sides of the clothes, which are easy to store items when going out. Moreover, the color contrast design is adopted to make the appearance more beautiful.
4. Elastic cuff design, with good contraction function, making the movement unrestrained; The hem has a one-hand adjustable shrink rope. The whole garment can be shrunk into a small bag, which is easy to carry and takes up no space.
5. The pockets, zipper head and other parts that are easy to tear shall be covered with knots for reinforcement; The line trace is uniform and straight.
6. Various colors, both male and female, support customized styles, fabrics, colors, printing.
7. The minimum order quantity of this product is 500 pieces. Each piece is packed in transparent plastic bags and supports sea and air transportation.

Used in outdoor sports, mountain climbing, cycling, tourism, etc.




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